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I just graduated from the program two days ago, and I can honestly say this it's like no other program out there. The education that Vick & Jason are providing here will cost you hundreds & hundreds of $ if you get it somewhere else. Here you can have it for free. So glad that I was a part of the very first graduating class  :-) I had so many aha moments as I was going through the program. Huge aha moment about the email marketing when I watched the video where Vick is revealing how to communicate with your followers, so they open all the emails, you send out. And what not to do in your emails, so they don't end up in the junk mail. How to recognize your target market so you can talk directly to them. How to structure your entire business, this is huge! For everyone who is afraid to shoot a video, you will have a magic moment when you watch Jason teaching the fundamentals of video creation. Just to mention few. Vick & Jason THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart; you guys are blessing!
- Emi Koul · Works at Self-Employed -
As an online Marketer and someone who earns very large commissions daily and consistently I can say for absolute certainty that this program might work for them, but it wont work for everyone. It depends on where you're at in your understanding and knowledge of how the online world works. As a coach and Mentor one of the very first things I teach my students is mindset. You have to get rid of all the negativity and quit associating or talking to those that say things are scams, or get a job this will never work. blah blah blah. I dislike negativity. At any rate I wish you luck in your online endeavors. I don't have time for this program myself as I am overwhelmed with my online business, but you should find out if this is for you.
- Gene Wheeler · Owner at Explainer Videos -
Project Breakthrough is totally awesome! It teaches you everything you need to know to get a basic yet clear understanding of how to build an online business. The step by step training is very structured, starting from mindset and strategy all the way to the actual implementation. Many thanks to Vick, Jason and the HTA crew for making this possible!
- Tanya Sarrucco -
If you are trying to figure out how to make money online, you are in the right place!! For years I struggled trying to put the pieces of what seemed like a complicated puzzle together learning Internet Marketing. I bought many different courses which were always missing pieces of crucial information. I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and never made a dime. In my first days of Project Breakthrough I made my first commission, built my first landing pages, and made more progress then I have in 2 years of trying to figure it all out. WOW!! Finally, clarity, and a clear path to creating a profitable business online and how to nurture it so it Thrives! It is education, tools, coaching, and a direct connection to incredibly successful mentors....and SO MUCH MORE. One of my favorite things I have discovered in being a part of this company is a true heart of service, the mission to help others succeed, and the dedication to impacting the world in a positively HUGE way. I am learning and building my skill set in online business and also becoming a better person through Project Breakthrough and High Traffic Academy. This is food for the soul of anyone on an entrepreneurial path.
- Amy Wells · Creator at Amy Wells -
This is the most amazing training I have even seen. I've gone through different paid trainigs, but none of those was close to what the Project Breaktrhough does for FREE!!! There is so much valuable mind blowing information in it. I recomend this training to anyone who wants to build a successful online business!
- Igor Kravchenko · Entrepreneur at Entrepreneur -
I've spent thousands of dollars on make money programs in the past years and haven't made money. I'm only on day 9 of Project Breakthough and already understand why I have failed in the past. For me it was about not having the belief in myself that I could succeed. Thanks to the knowledge Vick and Jason have shared in this FREE training, I now believe, know in my heart and have the confidence too succeed. Failure is not an option for me Anymore...
- Andy Bradbury · Melbourne, Australia -
Vick, Amy & I love project break through! The step by step journey is simple and easy for everyone to use. It is clear that whether your an expert of a beginner, this is for you. We are really please that so far this has been the best thing we have ever seen online. We've been follow you since Denver, and our income is going to 10x this year. Amy loves to listen to the simple instructions and enjoys how clear and consice you are with your directions. Love Jay & Amy 'the godfather...'
- Jay Hiatt · Founder at -
Thats for the opportunity to be great Kai Lo. Your a amazing business partner and friend. Glad to have the opportunity to be aquainted with you.. #LetsWork
- Lorenzo Hoffman · BO$$ at Self Paid Entrepreneur -

Project Breakthrough is extremely clear, detailed and a very thoughtful step by step process with guided instruction that’s so simple and easy for me to follow. Vicks super fun teaching style has me more excited than a squirrel in a walnut farm! I love this feeling when you know inside something super awesome is in the works, the next chapter of my life will never again be the same after Project Breakthrough, it’s pure unfiltered awesomeness! :-)))

- Jason W Shannon -
I am a relative newbie in the internet marketing field but long enough to know there are a lot of scams out there and unscrupulous marketers out there who charge you thousands of dollars for "training programs" that don't teach you more than to get your money and tell you it is just mind set. Frame of mind is very important but so is technical knowledge... When he says step by step, it is truly step by step. He shows you how to build a lead capture page (sales page, landing page), thank you page but he doesn't stop there. He teaches every step to connect your pages, set up your autoresponders, register your domains and how to run your campaigns. If there is anything at all that you need to know, he teaches it. Thank God ...
- Brenda Ralph · Owner at -
This program is pronominal!! The genuine guided lessons you share with us are priceless!! Never have I seen such a through training anywhere!! Thank you from the bottom off my heart!!
- Diane Klein · Works at Diane Kleinsasser -
REGARDLESS of where you may "think" ;) you are as far as level of understanding this... ...YOU NEED to consider creating your FREE accont now and follow the 14-Day Step-By-Step process...I know I am! :)
- Tony Profit · The Sensai Of Marketing™ at Online Traffic Institute -